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Wander the Night Japan - 12" Vinyl Album by SJF

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The Wander the Night series is an ongoing project of ambient soundscapes created by sound artist Simon James French (SJF) and inspired by night-time cities from around the world, combined with stunning nocturnal photography by Cody Ellingham. 

Wander the Night Japan is the first ever physical 12" LP vinyl album release by SJF. This project was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter in 2022.

Conveying emotion through stillness, the music of Wander the Night Japan has slow and meaningful movements, from orchestral drones and moody piano riffs to melodic rhythms and cloud-like textures. Together the music and the images will lead you on a journey that we hope will inspire you to wander in your own way.

Digital Download

This album comes with complimentary digital access to high-definition audio files.

Please note: You may purchase the album here, or directly via SJFs Bandcamp.

Limited-Edition Liner Notes Photobook

Choose the Liner Notes Photobook option to receive a limited-edition photobook featuring images and words from those early days in Japan. Think of it as a small gift from us to you, something you can look through while you listen, telling the story of Wander the Night Japan.

Track Listing

Side A

1. Arrival
2. Yokohama

Side B

3. Kyoto
4. Tokyo

Bonus Digital Track

5. Hikari

Wander the Night in the Media

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