Cody Ellingham / FAQ

How do you ship items?

I have a small studio in Wellington, New Zealand, from where all orders are sent out.

We personally package up and send out every order. We do not sell through Amazon as we do not believe that it is ethical for creators.

We generally ship orders via NZ Post, and you can use your tracking number here to see shipping progress.

Can you tell me more about Cody Ellingham's print editions?

My photographs capture a unique side of cities and places as they have never been seen before. The images are shot under the glow of night with a long-exposure process that creates beautifully stunning images that are available as editioned and uneditioned prints.

I work locally with Picaflor Fine Art Printing in Wellington, New Zealand. Picaflor are Award-winning specialists in fine art printing. All of my fine art photography prints are printed on gallery-quality Hahnemühle paper stock.

Delivery & Concierge
Delivery times for most prints is 2 - 4 weeks. If you would like a special request, framing advise or installation please get in touch.

Where are your magazines and photobooks printed?

The first ever edition of Derive Wanderer was printed at the 24-hour Kinkos on Meiji-dori in Shibuya. It was on the way to Ebisu and just across the road from a curry rice place that I frequented. I used to bike down to the Kinkos late at night when the computers were free and print off a few of the magazines at a time and trim the pages and staple it together myself. From Edition 2 onwards I worked with a print house in Tokyo who was able to print and bind the magazines and this streamlined the process.

Most recently the magazine format has grown and is now being printed and produced at the end of the world in New Zealand.

Both the Danchi Dreams and Bangkok Phosphors photobooks were printed in Taiwan.

What about customs / import charges?

For international orders, please be aware that you will be responsible for any customs / import charges incurred by your package.

What are the best ways to find out about new releases?

Join the mailing list here.

How can I buy sold-out editions of Derive Wanderer Magazine?

One day I would like to do another run of some earlier editions of Derive Wanderer Magazine, but for the moment there are no immediate plans to reprint.

My order still has not arrived, what should I do?

The best efforts are taken to ensure everyone gets their orders. Please wait until a reasonable amount of time has passed and then get in touch.

My order was returned to you / could not be delivered, what are my options?

If for any reason your parcel is returned (due to an incorrect shipping address, or you failed to collect it from your post office in time) then I will be happy to resend it. However please note that you may be asked to cover the costs of re-shipping it.