Cody Ellingham / Collaborations

Futures Cities – Interactive Point Cloud Experience

‘Future Cities’ was a project born in Tokyo in 2018 with the idea of exploring the shared memories of the world’s cities. The team including Photographer Cody Ellingham, 3D creator Ruben Frosali, and Sound Artist Simon James French (SJF) wander and scan places using photogrammetry, turning images and video into ‘point clouds’.

Each place is uniquely scanned to tell its story and then the ‘point clouds’ are assembled together to create a dreamlike interactive experience that is projected onto buildings or in gallery spaces. “It is as if you are swimming through a dream of a place deep underwater, some of these buildings are already gone and they only exist in memories now.” The real-time aspects of the show combined with the immersive music creates a powerful experience that leaves audiences mesmerised.

Production assistant: Rina Ellingham